Founded in 2000, ICAN has positively impacted the lives of hundreds of children and adults as well as our local communities. We currently provide services to approximately 90 individuals within Steele and Waseca Counties. Our ongoing success and excellent care are the result of our exceptional team. Each of our 110 trained, compassionate employees are dedicated to providing a high level of personalized support to the people we serve.

Who We Serve

ICAN serves individuals with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities and those with an array of mental health challenges and diagnoses.

To encourage independent living, we provide in-home care for children and adults who need support within their own residence. We also offer community residential settings for those who require a higher level of care and/or supervision. Currently, ICAN has 14 community residential settings in Waseca County for adults and children. Each home serves up to four individuals who receive daily support and personalized care that aligns with their personal desires and goals.

What We Offer

We provide varying levels of independent and semi-independent residential services, resources and support to people with disabilities.

Our Person-Centered Supports and Services are:

  • Designed to respect individual lifestyle choices while promoting greater levels of independence
  • Tailored to meet the unique wants, needs, dreams and goals of each person
  • Aligned with the individual’s required level of care and desired level of support

We focus on helping the people we serve to live as independently as possible, teaching and assisting them with skills for budgeting, hygiene, meal planning and preparation, communication, social skills, physical therapy, and much more. Learn more about ICAN’s Services.

What Makes Us Different

At ICAN, we support not just independent living, but high quality living. To do this, we focus on two key life-enhancing areas:

Community Integration
We believe that everyone deserves to feel welcomed and accepted in their community. We also know that everyone has the ability to give back or contribute to their communities in meaningful ways.

At ICAN, we plan and facilitate numerous opportunities—classes, events, activities, even vacations—for those with disabilities to network and socialize with each other, our staff and other community members. Learn more about ICAN’s Community Involvement.

Personal Health, Wellness & Fulfillment
We believe that when people are healthy and personally fulfilled—with a balance of mind, body, spirit and emotions—their life is enriched. We help those we serve learn how to nourish their body, mind and soul by focusing on proper nutrition, stress reduction and making lifestyle choices that lead to more happiness and satisfaction.

To create a culture of health and wellness, ICAN plants a large community garden each year. It provides a beautiful setting for people to visit, and/or get their hands in the dirt and grow their own food. We also offer classes on yoga, recycling, water consumption, healthy eating and beverage choices, and cooking.

Know Someone Who Could Benefit From Our Services?

Call 877.835.1412 to speak with Jen Williamson, our Program Resource Director.